El Naufragi del Golea

prova capalera
Francisco Gutirrez. Don't know how it all got started
I don't know what they're doin' with their lives
But me, I'm still on the road
Headin' for another joint
We always did feel the same
We just saw it from a different point
Of wiew
Tangled up in blue
Bob Dylan

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No ens digueren res...

No ens digueren res No ens digueren res...     No ens digueren res d'aquesta fredor dels carrers ni de l'ànima morta de la ciutat ni dels seus torrents de verí i travessàrem el llindar de...

Truth, bitter Truth

Faithful Truth, Bitter Truth   Where did it go to my youth, Where did it fade away to ? Who was it told the truth, the bitter truth, The truth we didn’t want to know ?   What is it...

Breezes of Patchulie

Breezes of Patchuli e The long gone breezes are blowing down the sky. From my window to the street I cast my weary eye. Everything is quiet in the lonesome dusky night. I'm feeling so alone in the darkness of my night....

Llibre d'Amic e Amat

Llibre d'Amic e Amat Ramon Llull Versió catalana / English version Biografia Espirals d'Embulls Llibre d'Amic e Amat No tot és desar somnis (2000) Enllaços: Oficial,...

Una altra d'en Pau Riba

Jo penso en tu Jo penso en tu Pau Riba Disc Dur

Sala de ball marciana de Marc Bollan

T.Rex Ballroom of Mars You gonna look fine Be primed for dancing You're gonna trip and glide All on the trembling plane Your diamond hands Will be stacked with roses And wind and cars And people of the past...

Em trenques el cor

em trenques el cor Em trenques el cor Em trenques el cor; queda el record; nits ardents d'agost. Em quedaré sol; és perillós; nits ardents d'agost. No estic lliure de culpa...


L'appuntamento L' appuntamento Ornella Vanoni B. Lauzi - E. Carlos - R. Carlos (1970) Ho sbagliato tante volte ormai che lo so già che oggi quasi certamente sto sbagliando su di te ma una volta in più che cosa...

Salvem Mallorca?

Pare Joan Manuel Serrat. "Pare" ( Per al meu amic , 1973)

I la pluja es va assecar

I la pluja es va assecar "I la pluja es va assecar", DP , ROGER MAS (Canten Roger Mas, Pau Riba, Jaume Sisa).
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